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I travelled to the Scottish Highlands for the first time in 1990. Back then, the green hills, the dark peat and the smoky whisky captured my heart.

Stephan Goldmann in Edinburgh
Stephan Goldmann in Edinburgh

Scotland expert Stephan Goldmann

  • Travelling in Scotland since 1990
  • Operator of MyHighlands.de since 2011
  • trained journalist, writes for Lonelyplanet.de, among others
  • Author of Scotland travel guides
  • Winner of the German Self-Publishing Prize 2019 for travel guide “Isle of Skye”
  • Gaelic skills since 2018 (always learning)
  • Married in Scotland in 2014

The first four times I travelled as a classic back-packer: We (a friend and I) travelled on foot, hitchhiked or took the Citylink bus. We slept in a tent in the great outdoors (see picture). As DPSG scouts, we bravely endured midges and wet conditions.

Zelt in den Highlands 1990
Tent in the Highlands in 1990

Today I travel to Scotland every year with my partner Katrin(we got married in the Highlands, pictures here) and sleep in comfortable, exciting or romantic accommodation, visit distilleries and historical sites.

Katrin is always with us for the third time now and takes care of the pictures and many video recordings.

Stephan vor der Laphroig Destillerie
Stephan 2011

Over time, more and more people have asked me where they should go – so many that I thought I should write it down. And that’s exactly what I’m doing here, on this website.

Katrin vor Cawdor Castle 2012
Katrin in front of Cawdor Castle 2012

I have actually visited all the places and sights mentioned here. That’s why this website can’t cover all the sights and interesting places in the Highlands – I won’t describe what I haven’t seen. But I will continue to collect them. I also endeavour to research in-depth information for each place of interest.

I now also publish several Scotland travel guides. My book about the Outer Hebrides made it into the top ten of the German Selfpublishing Award in 2018, and the travel guide to the Isle of Skye won the German Selfpublishing Award 2019 in the non-fiction category.

Deutscher Selfpublishing Preis 2019
German Selfpublishing Award 2019

I also write about Scotland for Lonelyplanet.de. Here is a selection:

From time to time I also report on neighbouring destinations such as Ireland and Wales:

I hope you get some good ideas from the information here … and maybe send me a few ideas and reviews.

Have fun!


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