Bealach na Gaoithe – breathtaking view of the Torridon Massif

The road is a dead end – but it leads to the viewpoint of the Bealach na Gaoithe. Those who drive it will be rewarded with a unique view.

View from the Bealach na Gaoithe

On the way to Applecross, at the end of the NC500, the road passes through some of the most beautiful scenery in the West Highlands: mountains like Beinn Eighe and lochs like Loch Torridon show Scotland in all its glory. Those with time on their hands and no fear of single track roads can enjoy this beauty from a very special vantage point: the Bealach na Gaoithe Viewpoint.

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At the village of Torridon, the road to the pass branches off towards “Diabaig” and follows the north side of Upper Loch Torridon. Over time the road then climbs to an altitude of about 240 metres. The road is not easy, therefore the driver has to concentrate – the real view is also behind him.

The top of the pass is reached when a small parking area with a trash can, bench and a stone pedestal with a plaque appears on the right. Here the view can then be enjoyed by all drivers and passengers alike.

Seating at the top of the pass

However: At the top, visitors quickly realize how the pass gets its name. For Bealach na Gaoithe translates as “Pass of the Wind.” It is mostly draughty up here, only the view over the landscape warms the heart. Below lies Upper Loch Torridon and Loch Shieldaig, with the mountains of the Torridon Massif beyond and the Applecross Peninsula to the southwest.

View of the landscape opposite the Bealach na Gaoithe
View of the landscape opposite the Bealach na Gaoithe

For those interested in the names of the mountains on the other side, take a look at the plaque.

Explanation board at viewpoint Bealach na Gaoithe
Explanation board at viewpoint Bealach na Gaoithe

For those with time and leisure after the view, follow the road down the other side of the pass to Lower Diabaig to the loch of the same name and the bay that opens up there. Afterwards it goes on the same way back on the road towards Shieldaig and Applecross. If you haven’t had enough of mountain passes, the Bealach na Bà awaits you there.


With sat nav: “IV22 2HE” has Lower Diabaig as its final destination. This is the end of the road that also goes over the Bealach na Gaoithe pass.

Without sat nav: Coming from the north-east out of Kinlochewe on the A896, follow the edge of the River Torridon to Torridon. A sign points to Torridon, Inveralligin and Diabaig. Follow this signpost and continue until the viewpoint appears.

Bealach na Gaoithe Infos

BesonderheitThe Bealach na Gaoithe is a pass road in the Torridon Massif in the West Highlands. A viewpoint gives a wonderful view of the mountains and the sea.

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